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Freight Logistics Services

Nightline Express, Inc. is a transportation and logistics company with over 50 years of senior level management experience. We presently manage over 400 million pounds of inbound and outbound freight for our satisfied customers throughout the United States. We have over 18,000 quality carriers under contract and can handle any TL, LTL Van or refrigerated loads to any point in the United States.

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What We Offer:

  • We help unbundle freight costs
  • We take the guesswork out of your transportation budget
  • Are you getting the best price from your existing carriers?
  • How well are you managing your employees?
  • How well are you managing your logistics cost?
  • Are you saving money?

Why Choose Nightline Express, Inc.?

  • Dedicated and Experienced Logistics Staff
  • Committed and Hardworking
  • Maintaining and Improving Services
  • Complete Customer Care
  • Transportation and Distribution Guidance
  • and More

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